A16 2020 Plant Protection Drone

Enjoy the Core Technology
  • Real-time Fault Detection
  • Module Online Upgrade
  • RTK Centimeter Level Positioning
  • Offline Data Backup
  • IP67 Dustproof and Waterproof
  • Support Obstacle Avoidance

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Fully Autonomous Operation, Accurate and Efficient

A16 2020 comes standard with a centimeter-level RTK high-precision positioning and orientation system, which supports access to differential data sources such as network Cors stations, mobile base stations, and fixed base stations. Supports a variety of operation modes such as manual operation, AB point route operation, and fully autonomous operation, which can be adapted to a variety of operation scenarios. Based on the product design concept that makes plant protection simpler, more efficient and safer, the new generation of A16 2020 will create more benefits and value for users.

Avoid Complexity Solid and Durable

Plug-in Arm

Reduced 2/3 Transport Volume
Calibration-free Design, Easy Installation and Maintenance
Machine Size(mm):
Packaging Size(mm):

Plug-in Battery and Medicine Box

Greatly Improve Work Efficiency
Change Medicine Box and Battery in 5 Seconds

AG3 Mainboard Integrated Control System

AGR Intelligent uses the mainboard type design in the AG3 unmanned electromechanical subsystem. The integrated interface design is easy to maintain. At the same time, the AG3 mainboard has powerful edge computing capabilities, providing support for industry function expansion and high-level autonomous driving

Special Carbon Fiber Body Frame

In the past two years, AGR Intelligent has conducted in-depth material science research. Through thousands of tests and matching carbon fiber composite materials, it is lightweight and durable, which meets the operating requirements of plant protection drones in the complex pharmaceutical environment

Accurate Spraying, more Efficient Plant Protection

Equipped with four sets of integrated brushless water pumps

A16 2020 supports four-way pump independent calibration and pipeline health value feedback, and supports monitoring of pump current, speed, temperature and other data to achieve more accurate spraying and more convenient troubleshooting methods. The system supports spraying at a maximum flow rate of 8 liters/ minute, which can meet the needs of diverse applications.

Flight spray flow calibration

The spraying system supports spray flight calibration. We spray a lot of drugs during the operation, and the viscosity and density of different drugs have large differences, so we need to use different algorithms to adapt to spraying different liquids. Traditional calibration The aircraft is placed on the ground for static calibration. This type of calibration cannot effectively take into account the complex external disturbance environment during operation. Therefore, there are still large errors in operation. A16 2020 add flight calibration, the user can calibrate in real time during the flight, the spraying accuracy after calibration can reach 97%.

Image Marking, Create a New Way of Marking

21 Acres Mapping in 5 Minutes

A16 2020 will be the first to adopt forward-looking and ground-to-ground dual FPV vision modules. Through the front and bottom vision imaging combined with the AG3 intelligent algorithm, image marking and intelligent correction functions are realized. Greatly reduce the work intensity and cost when working field plotting. Improved the accuracy and efficiency of flight marking.

APP preset operation field boundary points → start the plant protection drone → automatically fly to the first boundary point → prompt whether to correct / calibrate the boundary point → click confirm to fly to the next boundary point → confirm each boundary point in turn → completion field high-precision planning.

Efficient Charging Longer Battery Life

Smart Battery Solution

Intelligent fast-charging battery, fast charging within 20 minutes; support IP65 dustproof and waterproof, equipped with AG3 intelligent power management system, APP can view battery management data, including maintenance, failure, repair and other records, to achieve battery life cycle management. The battery cell's power is self-balanced to ensure the safety of each flight.

The built-in AGR Smart Charger enables separate fast charging and four-way slow charging

The charger equipped with a 4G module, which can quickly check the charging status through the AGR smart APP, and improve battery efficiency.

Precision Variable Spraying

Prescription Map

A16 2020 can support the function of importing farmland prescription maps. After mapping the plot with hyperspectral probes, it can match the detection model and output variable job prescription maps. After importing the prescription maps, it can be achieved through the airborne centimeter-level high-precision positioning system Precision variable application.

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Observe Spraying in One


The A16 2020 can be equipped with a hyperspectral probe mounted on the machine, which can detect the crop health index in front of the aircraft. Through edge computing technology, pest and disease are detected and variable spraying is convenient and fast, saving users the cost of pesticides.

Multispectral Probe

Application Scenario

AGR intelligent APP

  • Monitor Flight Status in Real Time
  • Flexible Retrieval of Operation Data
  • Remotely Detect Flight Failures
  • Intelligent Route Planning Tasks
  • Support Multiple Operation Modes
  • Show Battery Status in Real Time

Agricultural Plant Protection Platform

  • Visual Supervision Platform, Supervising Flight Data is more Convenient
  • Real-time Monitoring of Flight Status, Aircraft Model / Flying Altitude /Speed / Trajectory
  • Comprehensive Operation Management System for Easy Management of Plant Protection Operation Progress
  • Efficiently Assign Work Tasks, View Plot Area and Flight Defense Distribution
  • Flexible Retrieval of Job Data for Analysis of Plant Protection Drone Status Information
  • Support Viewing Electronic Fences, No- Fly Zones, etc.
  • Atomized Particles
  • Extremely Long Battery Life
  • HD Video Transmission
  • 16L Load
  • Unplugging Machine Arm

Drone Parameters

  • Drone Dimension:

  • Remote Control Distance:

  • Package Dimension:

  • Maximum Attitude:

  • Aircraft Weight:

  • Battery Weight:

  • Full Loading Weight:

  • Battery Size:

  • Hourly Work Area:

    4-10 Hectare
  • Charging Time:

  • Operation Area per Tank:

    1Hectare (16L/Hectare)
  • Charger Size:

  • Droplet Size:

  • Charging Power:

  • Flow Rate:

  • Single Motor Power:

  • Spray Width:

  • Total Power: