Q10 2020 Plant Protection Drone

Module Integration Solid as a Rock
  • Modular Integration
  • Brushless Integrated Water Pump
  • Folding Body
  • Support Obstacle Avoidance
  • Expandable Dusting, Spraying and Misting
  • Full Functioning

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Quite Cost-effective Create Greater Profits

Q10 Q10 2020

The new generation Q10 2020 is based on a stable and durable basis, which meets more agricultural application scenarios, and reflects more practical updates in structure, performance and expansion. On the premise of ensuring stable structure, the modular integration of the whole machine is higher, the types of parts are fewer, and maintenance is very convenient. The arm folding function greatly reduces the portability of transportation and field handling. Playing in the AG3 flight control system, it supports more abundant functions that are easy to operate and improves work efficiency. It also supports the expansion of sowing, fertilizing, dusting, and misting functions, which is convenient and practical for installation.

Structural Innovation Solid and Reliable

Folding Arm

Reduced Shipping and Storage Volume
Quick Installation, Quick Replacement

Modular Design

Precise Spraying Efficient Operation

Max Flow 5L/MIN

Equipped with Two Integrated Brushless Water Pumps

Support Front and Rear Separated Spraying
Share a Variety of Print Heads to Achieve a Variety of Operating Scene Switching

Operating Efficiency up to 42 Acres/ Day

Calibration-free Design

Folding Arm, Eliminate the Virtual Position

Flexible and Practical Q10, Calmly Face a Variety of Operation Needs

Flexiblely meet the needs of various operations such as dusting, spreading, and misting, and expand more agricultural production scenarios

  • Dusting Operation
  • Spreading Operation
  • Misting Operation

Application Scenario

AGR intelligent APP

  • Monitor Flight Status in Real Time
  • Flexible Retrieval of Operation Data
  • Remotely Detect Flight Failures
  • Intelligent Route Planning Tasks
  • Support Multiple Operation Modes
  • Show Battery Status in Real Time

Agricultural Plant Protection Platform

  • Visual Supervision Platform, Supervising Flight Data is more Convenient
  • Real-time Monitoring of Flight Status, Aircraft Model / Flying Altitude /Speed / Trajectory
  • Comprehensive Operation Management System for Easy Management of Plant Protection Operation Progress
  • Efficiently Assign Work Tasks, View Plot Area and Flight Defense Distribution
  • Flexible Retrieval of Job Data for Analysis of Plant Protection Drone Status Information
  • Support Viewing Electronic Fences, No- Fly Zones, etc.

Drone Parameters

  • Drone Dimension:

  • Remote Control Distance:

  • Package Dimension:

  • Maximum Attitude:

  • Aircraft Weight:

  • Battery Weight:

  • Full Loading Weight:

  • Battery Size:

  • Hourly Work Area:

    2.66-6.66 Hectare
  • Charging Time:

  • Operation Area per Tank:

    0.66 Hectare (15L/Hectare)
  • Charger Size:

  • Droplet Size:

  • Charging Power:

  • Flow Rate:

  • Single Motor Power:

  • Spray Width:

  • Total Power: